Live music offers the talent and human qualities  to create the
beat and sounds that make you want to get up and dance.

As you dance, you sense there is a special interaction
between you and live, talented musicians, enjoyable to both.

Live music can be a jazz trio, a six piece danceband, a twelve
piece big band, or even a one-man band; playing everything
from Glenn Miller to Billy Joel to MTV, with male and female
vocals. Our experience will have us always playing the right
music for every moment, spontaneously changing with your

Our musicians play more than one instrument and our
vocalists are stylish as well as clear sounding.  Our vocalists
don't try to sound like stars.....they are! We have the same
musicians at every affair and  they all had at least one  
thousand  affairs experience when we signed them on.  Most
of our musicians began performing from the age of ten or
twelve, at the resort hotels,  just like in Dirty Dancing.  There
are plenty of stories to tell about those days, but the bottom
line is that we love music, we love performing, and it shows!

Our "interactive" musical innovation started over 15 years
ago.....Ask how we combine our live music with DJ hits.
N. Y. Rhythm......It keeps getting better
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